Primary goal of the companies is to increase the efficiency of their automobile park. As an answer to those needs GALILEO.BG is offering a high-tech surveillance system and operative control of vehicles, machines and equipment, which allows you to reduce expenses, optimize work and improve quality.

The system provides constant access to objective and due information about vehicles, machines and equipment through:

  • improving organization
  • fast coordination
  • minimizing stopovers
  • setting rational routes and traveling timetables
  • control on completion and after analysis
  • expenses optimization
  • fuel saving
  • optimization of the working hours
  • increasing the discipline of the drivers

The functions and options of the system came as a result of thorough research on clients’ needs. We continuously update and transform our services accordingly to the new technologies. The system is coordinated with Globul’s services and jobs in 145 countries with 318 mobile operators. Coverage is provided to 99, 8% of people and 97, 2% of our country’s territory.

GALILEO.BG is offering a solution which increases management efficiency and improves the quality of your services. It supplies Operative control and monitoring of the transport activity. It ensures fair work-load of the drivers and improves their discipline. In case of emergency they have the option to automatically dial certain telephone numbers.


Specialized devices, which give specific information on the objects’ status, are installed.

The location can be defined at any time by geostationary satellites.

The information is stored on non-volatile memory and is transmitted by the mobile network.

The data is coded and sent trough protected connection for distant access to the client.

The software that the client has installed works out and analyses the information and gives a real-time or past-time visual.

GALILEO.BG is offering different equipment configurations depending on the activity of every client.

The equipment is compact and can be mounted in all types of automobiles, trucks, building machines and fixtures.

The specialized microcomputer gives you the opportunity to supervise a great number of parameters:
  • run;
  • work and downtime;
  • the fuel level in the tank and sudden changes;
  • motohours;
  • on/off contact key;
  • on/off engine;
  • changes in the momentary condition of the different switches;
  • other parameters depending on the client’s requirements.
The GSM modem allows communication trough:
  • GPRS;
  • SMS.
The GPS receiver gives information on::
  • location;
  • movement speed;
  • movement direction;
  • route;
  • astronomical time.


The system allows the following additional options:

  • engine block;
  • immobilizer;
  • driver identification;
  • two-way voice connection with the driver;
  • text messaging.


FLEET MANAGER is flexible and easy to exploit software product, developed by GALILEO.BG specialists. Its purpose is simply the monitoring of unlimited number of vehicles, machines and equipment. It ensures precise processing of the information from the controlled objects and archives it on the client’s workstation. The data is accessible at any time, for any authorized user.

FLEET MANAGER contains detailed and up to date vector maps of the cities and road networks in Bulgaria and Europe. It has tools for precise visualization of:

  • location of the objects;
  • the realized, for a definite period of time, routes;
  • information on the momentary speed, exact hour of the report and other information.

The software provides a wide range of options:

  • estimation of the average speed;
  • block out traffic in/out of a certain region;
  • autonotify under certain circumstances;
  • sending text to an object;
  • sending commands to an object demanding current status and the data stored in the memory.

The software has the option to generate various inquiries and reports:

  • work and downtime;
  • calculating data into graphic and table mode;
  • export tables into XLS format;
  • print the created inquiries and reports.

The innovation GALILEO.BG is offering a wide range of solutions which can fulfill the needs of every client.