PetroPoint is a system for automatic identification of tanks of mobile objects.
PetroPoint saves time and money. Your money!

How it works? Very simple: The driver took the hose from the column, complete to the top neednt to do anything more. PetroPoint does the rest. Optimizing the management of your fleet is easy. Wireless transfer of all data is quick and easy for the driver. Without any additional operations, authorization, placing the pump and storage of data are performed in seconds. In addition, information from the GPS system for mileage or working hours can be transferred, which itself serves as a basic data for service and accurate averaging, calculation of consumption of fuel and oil. And another important point: PetroPoint protected from pouring of unsuitable fuel in the tank.

PetroPoint system is for everyone!

You can equip any station with PetroPoint. Always worth it because the installation is also easy. Equipment costs are very low and the technology is worth nothing. Everyone advantage from PetroPoint, from small home column to the large business or public petrol station. Depending on the requirements modular structure allows different versions and options, from which to choose. Flexible system will easily connect with future requirements and additions.
Automatic and fast record and perfect control - for this case in PetroPoint.


  • Reliable Refuelling control
  • Absolute transparency of data
  • Effective protection against theft
  • Saving fuel

PetroPoint is full wireless system for all roads and service stations. It differs from similar equipment of this type, it does not require cable for hose, no relationship between the tank and transmitter of the car. This minimizes the cost of installation and thus saves your time and money. Data transmission from the charchig is done via GSM network to the customer;s office.

Further decisive advantage PetroPoint

All tanks of the vehicle can be included, such as fuel oil and AdBlue. In this case the restriction of the product provides, that respectively the fuel is poured into the relevant tank. Incorrectly filling is no longer possible. Supply system demonstrated effective protection against the loss of fuel. The system is suitable as an effective economic solution for small fleets, and especially because of the modular structure. This allows PetroPoint to be integrated into any system petrol station.


  • Identification the driver
  • Pistol - out function (temporarily stop the pump when the hose is removed)
  • Prohibition of product (prevents from charching with incorrect fuel)

Fast, safe, easy!

Petropoynt is ideal for all types of fleets, and for use in field of the public petrol stations. There are no requirements for transmitter of the vehicle and of course, no wiring in the vehicle. Small tag on a vehicle is stuck in the tank for the identification of the vehicle

Please note: All tanks of the vehicle can be included as product protects from incorrect filling.

In addition to protecting the "unexplained" disappearance of fuel.

Technical process:

  • The vehicle goes to the territory of the petrol station.
  • The driver placed the pistol in a hole in the tank.
  • The device in pistol scans the tag in the vehicle.
  • The device in pistol transmitted the recognition of the vehicle by the radio frequency of receiver station.
  • The receiver sends the data to Autofyual terminal which initiated the authorization process for the vehicle.
  • Once authorization is received, the appropriate fuel pistol is ready for refueling, which requires only a few seconds.
  • If the driver pulled the pistol from the outlet of the reservoir filling process is terminated immediately (pistol-out function).
  • Once the filling is terminated, the data for the vehicle and the fuel is stored for further processing and forwarded to the office of the company.

  1. PetroPoint Retail hose device for fuel - wireless transmitter for the assembly of the pistol to transmit vehicle identification for benzine and diesel fuels (ATEX approved)
  2. Vehicle Tag - Passive wireless transmitter for the installation of vehicle tank that connects to the pistol PetroPoint (ATEX approved)

General conceptual components:
  1. Optilevel - Optilevel, our system of modern management levels in the tanks at service stations, integrates nicely with PetroPoynt. Optilevel ensure accurate distribution of data at any time and for each tank.

- Quantity charging fuel with reading of teperature coefficient (+15 Ñ)

- Quantity in stock tank

- Quantity of fuel consumed

- Viscosity of charging fuel (quality and increased water content)

- Quantity of water at the bottom of the tank

- Alarm at outflow of the fuel of the tanks without being registered by filling dispenser

Transmission of data from the levels in the tanks of station and data for fuel quantity delivered realized on the GSM network to the customer’s office.

7 good reasons to use Petropoint:

  • Wireless system that saves money and installation time
  • The Productivity of each pump is increased enormously
  • Protection against loss and misuse. If the pistol is removed, the pump automatically turns off (pistol-out function)
  • Input errors are part of the past. In the wireless transfer of data from all vehicle without manual intervention, all transactions and movements are recorded and forward to the central office.
  • Transparency of business management and updating of data in calculating the expense
  • Different options are available for use: It does not matter if case ffar home fleet or public petrol station, carwash or service station, petrol station for Locomotives or airports (ground vehicles), PetrolPoint can be used anywhere.
  • Managing fuel consumption of small units (eg refrigerated trailers)

Technology that gives you Galileo.BG improves the organization of your business, allowing:

  • Simplify and planning refueling
  • Setting limits for fuel charging for each vehicle;
  • Unable to fueling outside designated for this vehicles or vessels;
  • Improving discipline employees;
  • Eliminate the subjective factor in fueling of the company’s employees;
  • Archived information to be used for further analysis;

PetroPoint system integrated with GPS / GSM system of Galileo.BG fully closed loop control and management of fueling and fuel consumption of mobile objects.

The telemetrial and telematical GPS-GSM system for management and control of mobile parks

The system provides information for the efficient exploitation of the automobile parks. A mobile device installed in the truck, the bulldozer, the excavating or any other machine enables you to control the location and the momentary status.

Except transmitting GPS positioning the mobile device can be attached to different sensors in order to collect and transmit their data

The measured parameters can be conditionally divided into two groups: "online" and "offline".

The "Online" parameters are instantly sent – via SMS to the controller’s center
The "Offline" parameters are: fuel, kilometers covered, working hours of the engine, etc. They are all collected in the device’s memory and are handed over whenever they are required.

Additional sensors and switches can be added depending on the client’s needs.

The system returns:

I. GPS parameters:
  • Location
  • Speed
  • Direction
  • Date and time
II. II. Parameters from the sensors and switches*
  • Fuel level
  • Average fuel consumption
  • Kilometers covered
  • Condition of the doors, lids, hatches, etc.
  • Working hours of the engine
  • Engine temperature
  • Oil temterature
  • Signals for technical services of the automobile – oil change, tire replacement, cover-plates replacement, etc.
*Information for automobiles with special functions:
  1. Refrigerated trailers

    • temperature of the refrigerated chamber
      working time of the refrigerated compressor;

  2. Cisterns

    • condition of lids and hatches
      control access to the tap emptying the cistern

  3. Building machines and heavy mechanization – parameters involving the specific work of the machine

    • engine revolutions
      plough movement of the snow-ploughs and the bulldozers
      jib movement
      movement of the excavator’s bucket
      loading and offloading dumpers’ basin

  4. Emergency road service automobiles

    • loading and offloading of the automobile
      available automobile
      fixed automobiles in numbers with exact time and localization

  5. Rubbish machines

    • number of processed garbage containers with exact time and localization of every automobile
      approximate weight of a truck’s load
      offload of the truck at the dump, identification of the automobile, exact time of the event
      identification of the truck while weighing it on the electronic scales, with the option to get information on the weight of the rubbish machine taken by the electronic scales

  6. Agriculture machinery

    • processed area( requires digital area maps)

The device has built-in programmable outcomes which can control the electric systems in the automobile.

The software provides information for the following parameters:

  • route, visited places and geographic zones
  • working and non-working hours
  • approximate speed
  • fuel amount
  • fuel draining
  • chosen events, marked with different color and sign
  • special conditions, marked with different color of the route

Optimize the work of the automobile park by effective actions. Via electronical path your commands are sent to the driver which makes the communication with the head office easier.

The main office receives information about the location and status of the vehicle. Possible on-time reaction on next arrangement and management of the vehicles.

The GALILEO.BG system provides great transparency in the logistic between the supplier and the client by making it possible to receive objective real-time information and to reduce the subjective factor in the management.