Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How efficient is it?

You save money from unexpected courses and losses caused by ineffective working hours. The upkeep expenses on your automobile park are decreased by up to 30%.

What does the system offer?

The system allows you to have complete control over the work of your machine park.

What are the possibilities for control?

You are provided with full surveillance of all devices in the controlled object.

Can you supervise the fuel consumption?

Yes. You receive real-time information for the fuel in a machine’s tank and it is up to you to lock or unlock it remotely.

How can you keep track on the movement of a vehicle?

Every moment you have actual information pictured upon a map of the area with the whereabouts of the vehicle. The real-time visualization is done on your computer and gives you the following information:

  • turned on or off contact key;
  • turned on or off engine;
  • changes in the momentary condition of different electric switches;
  • other events depending on the client’s needs.

How to command the machine?

The system provides you with the opportunity to add the following options:

  • block the engine;
  • immobilizer;
  • other commands depending on the client’s needs and the abilities of the object.

Is there an option which allows you to communicate with the driver of a vehicle?

The system can provide identification of the driver and a two-way voice connection with him or her, as well as sending a text message.

Can you find out the precise time for which a course is made?

Yes. This service offers information about the time for which a course is carried out, the exact time of leaving and arriving, the covered kilometer track, route, movement path, average speed, momentary speed and other parameters.

What should I do in order to get the services of GALILEO.BG?

Call or send a message from the contact form.

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