GALILEO.BG JSC is a joint stock company dealing with: telemetry and telematics of mobile and stationary objects. The technology is based on the global positioning system - GPS and the GSM network.

We are offering a surveillance and control technology for all kinds of vehicles, machines and equipment.

You navigate your business without wasting time or man power, under full control.

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Control systems and fueling operations. For more information click here

In return for minimal monthly subscription you get:
  • 24-hour access to precise and instantaneous information about the movement and work of your vehicles and employees;
  • you control your machines and automobiles at any time of the twenty-four-hour period;
  • you sensibly decrease the chances of misuse, every action is recorded, archived and can easily be detected and tracked down;
  • you decrease your expenses of fuel, consumatives and communication;
  • put an end to unexpected courses and actions;

With this technology you improve your organization:
  • precise planning;
  • you set rational routes and travel schedules;
  • the capacity of your automobile park is used sufficiently;
  • you minimize the downtime of the machines;
  • you improve the discipline of your employees;
  • you optimize the use of the working hours of your personnel;
  • you have archive that can be used for analyses and decisions;
With our services you increase the efficiency of management and improve the work quality.